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Mobile application development: our best tips!

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Our tips in mobile app development!  

In our era, a mobile app is an essential part of digital strategy and digital marketing, and that’s why Marvil56 is an agency specialized in mobile application development. We’re often asked specific projects following a need or the launch of a product or a service, and every time we give our clients tailor-made digital solutions through the design of an app.

Their consumers and customers will use those new apps daily, and therefore they must be impeccable and outstanding. We’re here to provide you advice on how to make them so.

The pros of a mobile app

To a company, having its own mobile application bring many advantages. Getting the help and expertise of our agency of mobile development in Switzerland allow to know exactly how to reach customers through an accessible medium. After all, who better than a digital agency to attest that one spends more and more time on smartphones? We access information quicker with them, and that’s why apps are perfect to answer the questions of company’s customers.

Mobile apps also are the ideal device to display products and services, and therefore sales. With the help of regular smartphone additions such as geolocation, it’s a way to get data on loyal consumers. In so many aspects, developing a mobile app increase the company’s revenues. Now what’s important is how to make things right!

Get off to a good start, AND on the right foot
Mobile application

Developing a mobile app  

Common mistakes to avoid (we’ve got your back)

Being proactive doesn’t mean being overcharging your app. For example, you must be careful not to include too many features. Half-measure comes in handy for the humility and simplicity of your app, which are always welcome by the consumers. A clear and easy use makes it convenient, a number one asset. On this point, don’t neglect the user input aspect: user experience is the most important thing in mobile app development. Building strong UI and UX makes the consumer stay longer.

Learn to accept constructive criticism too: reviews and feedbacks often are really useful to know what could go wrong with your work. The point of view of users can be very valuable.

Tips while developing your mobile app

It may seem obvious, but you must test your app again, again and again. It will allow you to know if the design, structure and navigation are just like you want them and working like a charm. Also remember to plan features for an offline mode, and always take into consideration both form and function in every new addition you make. We advised you to not overcharge your app, and it applies to ads as well: try to keep them limited.

Once again, the most important thing to keep in mind is to design with ease of use.

Now you have all the keys to make your app brilliant!

You got it, mobile application development is easy and simple in theory but requires a lot of work and dedication. The more organized you will be, the better your app will get. Hard work always pays: mobile apps allow to create a link between the company and its target audience. It increases visibility and notoriety. Marvil56 is a mobile development agency in Switzerland here to assist and help you through every step.

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