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Match with Facebook Dating for Valentine’s Day

Match for Valentine’s Day

Match for Valentine’s Day  

Ah, Valentine’s Day... Who would we be to deny its commercial side? As a digital marketing agency, we know that every year, this period brings a big turnover for brands. But this event is not heartless, and Love with a capital L still exists! Its quest too: the number of users of dating sites or applications is still big. These platforms have become a part of everyday life, and today they represent a large part of the occasional use of the Internet, typically symbolizing the 21st century, since they were developed in the 2000s.


It’s therefore logical that social networks are looking into them, taking advantage of the power of this movement to drive users loyal with new features... There are now several thousand dating sites or apps in the world, each with its own characteristics and qualities that appeal to everyone. But they all have the same flaw: creating a profile is tedious and long. What if it’s already done? And by you? And regularly updated? Yes, brace yourselves: Facebook has launched its own dating platform, and it’s going to completely change the game.

More than friends? Discover Facebook Dating

There is no risk of seeing unwelcome naughty pictures on children’s profiles: you have to be 18 years old or older to access the platform. As for registration, no need to create an account! You just have to be on Facebook. Yes, Facebook Dating is not a site in its own, it’s integrated on your page. This is an easily accessible feature. Convenient or intrusive? It’s up to you...

Facebook dating plateform

Facebook dating plateform Facebook  

Benefits you will Like

Users quickly are comfortable with the platform’s appearance: we know how messaging works (since it’s the same engine as Messenger), we know how posts works (since it’s the same look as Instagram), and we know how the “I like the profile” works (since it’s how Facebook is). In fact, Facebook Dating is like a dating site that you’d already been registered on for years. Let’s just say it’s instinctive. You don’t even have to have the other person as a “friend” to be able to communicate with them. And nothing goes out of the zone, nothing is shared on your wall or publicly. Well, the dimension of privacy on Facebook still is under debate...

Facebook Dating is set to arrive in Europe in early 2020. Let’s hope it’s in time for Valentine’s Day!

By February 14th, it’s with all our heart that we say “Thank you!” for your loyalty on our social media. Stay tuned to continue to follow our favorite shares and digital news on Facebook, Instagram and our blog. From Marvil56 with love xx