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The digital communication of your company or brand with TikTok

The digital communication of your company or brand with TikTok Marvil56 

Whether you’ve simply heard of it or you’re an addict, you’re familiar with TikTok, the new video creation and social app that is currently top trending and reached over 1.6 billion downloads this year. Its success is phenomenal, but how is it relevant for your brand’s digital communication? And how will our TikTok experts at Marvil56 be able to create tailor-made digital solutions for you and ensure that you get the best performances and notoriety on the Internet?

TikTok Vimeo Jiaying Wang 

An unmissable opportunity

In addition to being trendy and therefore crucial, TikTok is the communication tool you need in the digital age. It’s an unbridled space where everyone can find entertainment thanks to a panel of video types as wide as YouTube. Brands and companies have just as much interest in being there than on the famous platform. However, once stepping into TikTok, you have to leave your seriousness at the hanger; it has lively videos, so to do business there, you have to adopt a casual tone. This can reinforce the transparent image of your brand, and help you compose a communication strategy that is close to the public. TikTok videos are less than 60 seconds long, and are played in a loop, with selected music and sounds, and are overwhelmingly humorous.

TikTok already is being used by major brands and companies which are benefiting from their great performances there. But how do they do it, when this app differs from other social media by its lack of real advertising offer? The key is to adapt and skilfully promote your brand.

In France, several companies dove into the game of challenges, to generate sharing within their community. This is the case of Clarins and its #MyFreshMorning challenge, where users were invited to film their morning routine with the brand’s new range of products. These videos accumulated over 17 million views!


Michael Kors also encouraged his customers to film themselves with their clothes, initiating a #CityCatwalk, triggering the challenge in the first place with three paid influencers who each posted a video. The concept then spread to 30’000 videos with the same hashtag, viewed a total of 5 million times.


Coca-Cola and Pizza Hut also joined the movement. The concept is similar: filming themselves drinking the iconic drink with the hashtag #ShareACoke, or using a downloadable sticker with the famous red hat in a video. These two challenges each generated 1 million videos.

#MyFreshMorning Clarins

#MyFreshMorning Clarins 

#ShareACoke Coca Cola

#ShareACoke Coca Cola 

A consistent creativity to differentiate you from your competitors

TikTok’s videos are snacking content and the viral type, because they are entertaining and fast, and do not seek to have the Instagram aesthetic. This difference is an asset because the platform offers its own style, with a particular spontaneity, its sincerity bringing reliability, an advantage for your brand or company.


By being creative (but staying within the norm), you can aim to join as many shares as the best videos in the app. By using mimicry and repetition with relevance, and by adapting to trends and formats, popularity is assured.


To do this, TikTok benefits from unique tools: simplified video editing so that everyone can play with transition effects, filters and playback speeds; the ability to edit sound with a huge library of sound effect and music that can be used or created by other users; and even a never-before-seen reaction option where it is possible to appear next to an already existing video and synchronise with it to create hilarious situations.


TikTok is the future of digital marketing. As video sharing applications multiply, it can offer its own experience, giving your company a specific tone that your subscribers will become fans of.


At Marvil56, we listen to your needs and guide you with the expertise of our young and digitally oriented team. Our agency manages strategies for travel applications, multinational food companies, SMEs, clothing brands and more. So whatever your profile is, we are here to offer you the results you desire.

A tool to better target your young audience

We don’t teach you anything by saying that the most active users on social media are the millenials, the Z generation, and very soon the alpha generation. It is therefore strategic (and primordial!) to master your communication on a platform whose main audience is young, especially if it is your core target audience.


TikTok offers an extraordinary experience; just like Vine, which has now closed, the app offers crazy, funny and authentic content, through its numerous videos filmed daily and mostly face to face with the camera. Challenges and reactions to other people’s videos are very frequent, which leads to sharing, and often create a buzz from a simple joke which is imitated from around the world in just a few hours.


With its feature of a video within a video within a video, TikTok is both a source of derision and support, making it a double-sided tool, ideal for brands. Nowadays, in the age of social media, taking a step back is a strength, and it often is welcome for a brand to know how to laugh at itself. Make it your asset!

Now that you know more about TikTok, and that you are assured of our expertise, we look forward to accompanying you in your digital marketing by offering you a tailor-made strategy. Your future can now be seen in portrait mode on your phones! Contact us.