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With Blackle and Ecosia, being green is possible on the digital marketing scenario

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Being green is possible in digital marketing Leone Venter 

At Marvil56, we know we spend all day on screens, either to conceive digital marketing solutions for our clients, or because we’re curious about new technologies. Should this passion for digital be blamed because of how much energy our screens take? We care about our planet, and did some research on the topic to know if there was a way to easily reduce that energy.

Dark is the new good

Today, many apps on tablets and mobile phones present a Dark Mode, easy to switch and allowing the user to enjoy the display with every white space turned to black or dark blue, which is better for the eyes at night. Did you know that it also makes reading easier for people with impaired vision, but also is beneficial for the duration of your device, AND saves energy for the planet? Thanks to digital era, this feature is available on websites we visit on computers and laptops as well, and its efficiency is impressive. For example, YouTube’s Dark Mode uses 43% less power than the normal display.

Dark Mode and Digital Marketing Marvil56

Dark mode Business Insider 

However, those modes only are available on specific places of the Internet. How about the page we use the most? That’s right: our search engine!

Go green by searching

Ecosia digital marketing Marvil56

Ecosia the green search engine Marvil56 

Blackle digital marketing Marvil56

Blackle by Google Marvil56 

Eco-friendly tech = tech of the future

Digital marketing is based on technology and inspired by it. That’s why a digital solutions agency like ours always is looking for new methods, that are continuously evolving. Alternative search engines are easy ways to be responsible, and show that sustainable doesn’t mean complicated. It’s easy to go green by little daily acts!


At Marvil56, digital marketing is a passion, and we’re always willing to combine technology and environment. We recommend Blackle and Ecosia because of how life-changing they are, in every sense of the word: for us, for you, for future generations, and for every being on the planet.