The agile methodology, a marketing strategy with numerous

Be flexible with the agile methodology

Be flexible with the agile methodology

Marketing strategies: be flexible with the agile methodology  

At Marvil56, we create marketing strategies and campaigns, and we know that their efficiency can change depending on the type of relation between the client / the brand and its customers. Like in many contexts, it’s difficult to keep a strong bond in a relationship that has been on for several years! This is how the agile methodology has been created, and we’re going to introduce it to you.

What is the agile methodology?

The agile methodology is a marketing strategy that requires to think out of the box, to go out off-road and stop using mainstream techniques. For example, you need to accept the limits of advertising campaigns (their logistical complexity, their visibility reach, their impact, and most importantly, their budget) and choose a flexibility that will follow the change and trends of the community to which the client, or brand, talk to.

In summary, the agile methodology allows to be fast, take advantage of opportunities, and benefit from the evolutive environment.

Be flexible with the agile methodology

Be flexible with the agile methodology  

The key is… To change one’s funnel!

The bouncing pros of the agile methodology

To use the agile methodology is to have big adaptation skills: one needs to know how to change the development process of a project at any time, by intervening as soon as it’s necessary. Initially, the agile methodology was conceived to compensate the incapacity of a client to precisely define their needs at the start of a project. So what you need is to spring back, and be flexible! It brings many advantages.

  • Consumers are at the heart of the development of the product / service they’re looking for.
  • Mistakes are reduced by testing the project all along.
  • The quality of the product / service is improved thanks to numerous feedbacks during the process, which ensure the optimal satisfaction of the consumers. 


In our digital world, and we know it well at Marvil56, everything is a matter of Big Data and it’s good to bring a breath of fresh air with the agile methodology. Between the hyperactivity of the web and the challenges imposed by users, being able to change one’s strategic directions in real time is a strength. Agile marketing allows to observe one’s target audience, and listen to it to react even faster. It’s a major ally in the social media era.