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How to grow your creativity during quarantine

grow your creativity during quarantine

Grow your creativity during quarantine  

The news has fallen: governments ask people to stay at home to avoid propagating COVID-19, aka coronavirus. But don’t despair, fellow humans; as a digital agency, we’re here to give you creative tips to pass time in the most useful way. Let the Marvil56 team inspire your new indoors life!

Easy peasy ideas

You would love to be creative with your hands, but you lack confidence and you feel like you don’t have the skills? Don’t panic, everyone can craft! Here’s some easy to do activities: for example, have you ever tried scrapbooking? It’s time to collect your favorite pictures around. Try out plasticine sculptures and papier mâché with your kids! Bake a cake! Invent a new recipe! Read that pile of unread books you’ve only made bigger the past years! Fix up the clothes you’ve hidden at the bottom of your wardrobe! (Yes, we all have the same defaults) Then maybe learn to crochet? Listen to a new podcast? Do a quiet 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle? Give your partner a manicure, a massage? Light up some candles and practice yoga? Learn astrology? Well, it’s free to try it out.


And how to learn to do all of that, you may ask? Good news, the pandemic hasn’t stopped the Internet from working. Which means that you can now watch a nearly infinite number of tutorials on YouTube. Some of them will give you every detail you need, and some of them will be so crazy and funny that you’ll actually spend all day watching them for fun. Either way, you’re winning on boring hours!


Whether it’s to finally get on that dream project you thought of for years, or keeping yourself sane and occupied during the isolation days, free time is finally getting on your hands and you have them to try out new things. So try! “If you believe it, then you can do it”, said Bob Ross. Hey, why not start painting?

Awake your inner artist

“We’re all in this together!” Musicians got our back, like they always do. If you’re trapped in your own house for an unknown length of time, nothing is better than your favorite tunes to help you relax in desperate moments. As Rita Wilson says, this is a time that calls for creating playlists and maybe inventing a new genre: “quarantuning”! The musical artist Lizzo also wanted to bring joy on social media and filmed herself in a video where she plays the flute and interprets an acoustic cover of “Cuz I love you”. Cherry on top, she did it in a little setting of crystals and incense smoke (a deco you can also put up at home to chill!) : check it out.

Too sweet and soothing for you? Diplo turned up the volume and brought some rhythm with an improvised show live from his house. If it’s more your style, check it out: check it out.

Lizzo playing the flute

Lizzo playing the flute @lizzobeeating 

Diplo improvising a live show from his house

Diplo improvising a live show from his house @diplo 

You’re more of a writer than a player? It’s time to dust your old diaries and scribble down some notes! It could be lyrics of a song, a poem, or a story that was in the back of your mind for days and that you finally have the opportunity to write down. Also, think about how it’s the occasion or never to start your memoirs if you always wanted to, or simply keep a diary of the quarantine. Maybe that in a few months from now, new fiction books will emerge from that writer boost around the globe, and who knows, the next best-seller might be yours?

...And chill

If you’re more of an introvert (and we get it), you can also check free online services that boost your culture such as free language lessons or virtual tours of museums.

Virtual tours of museums

Virtual tours of museums @Robin_schreiner 

The OpenCulture website also offers to watch many free contents, especially iconic movies that got lost through the ages. You can check their gigantic list of audio books and online courses!


Having all that quarantine time ahead will allow you to finally be able to finish that watch list sitting in a corner of your Netflix or Amazon account since ages. If you prefer not to register for a whole account right now, YouTube also is expanding its viewing options. You can watch movies or tv shows on the platform, for a cheap price.

Oh, and if you’re more of a downloader-hoarder, maybe it’s the opportunity to tiny your hard drive?

Being locked indoors isn’t entirely bad. Sometimes it’s a situation which helps to use one’s imagination and come up with ideas! In our digital era, the Internet bring many suggestions and we’re happy to give you some as well. Stay tuned to our blog to know everything about trends! Our digital marketing agency has the best tips. Contact Marvil56 now!