We were at Web Summit!

We were at Web Summit!

Web Summit 2019

For the past 10 years, Web Summit has grown to become one of the best tech conferences on the planet. Marvil56 team was one of the lucky 70’000 attendees to join Web Summit 2019. Here’s a recap and our highlights!

1st day at Web Summit: Let’s create the future tech

The first day of Web Summit was marked by startups sessions. Those are the companies that everyone will be talking about in 2020! We saw Verizon's Executive Vice President, Ronan Dunne, as the first talk of the day (and of the event), and then Michel Barnier, from the European Commission, and Katherine Maher, CEO of Wikipedia.

We attended interesting talks with unique topics, such as "Can tech put women's health on the right track?", presented by the companies Jennis Fitness and Hers, discussing how to find the best tech to suit one's needs, and "The future we build needs to be open", by Wikipedia's CEO, discussing equitable and fair innovations.

The first day of Web Summit was exciting after hearing throughout the day from Edward Snowden, Jaden Smith, Guo Ping and Dianna Cohen.

2nd day at Web Summit: Okay Google, is it too late to stop climate change?

The second day was the occasion to sit and listen to Microsoft's CEO, Brad Smith, but also Kate Brandt from Google and Christiana Figueres from Global Optimism.

Our favorite speech of the day was "Is it too late to save the world?", in which Brandt and Figueres talked about climate change, and how they're very focused on the role of technology as a major solution in the fight against it.

Another highlight of the day was Google's booth, where one could enjoy coaching sessions and product demos, and even yoga!

Conference Web Summit 2019


Web Summit 2019


3rd day at Web Summit: Innovations for sustainability

On that day, Mitchell Baker from Mozilla and Isabel Garvey from Abbey Road Studios gave some advice in their talks. Baker spoke about "The three things every leader should know" and the new inspiring leaderships in the digital age, and experts in fashion and beauty spoke about "Sustainability: a moment, or a movement?" and how to palliate the water in this industry by using technology. 

Maastran, Friendlyscore and Billon showed their latest innovations to curious visitors. And investors!

4th day at Web Summit: Robot dogs!

The program of 2019's Web Summit's last day definitely was designed to impress. Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe, joined in to talk about how "It's important that you drive innovation, and that you disrupt the world", tackling sustainability. Anna Gedda, CSO of H&M, also talked about sustainable clothing, and how important it is to be mindful of the resources. Boston Dynamics surprised us by working on parkour with Marc Raibert's robot dog, Spot. The CEO demonstrated how far AI robots have come.

Media were all around, from BBC News to Bloomberg and US Reuters. In the end, Nutrix won the world's biggest pitching competition powered by Siemens. They created a solution to measure glucose in the blood without using needles. An innovative victory, perfect to close an innovative event!

We hope those insights gave you an overview of how thrilling topics are in this great event. With 1'200 tech investors and 1'206 speakers coming from around the world to share their passion of digital, Web Summit definitely gives the big picture of the world we live in. It is critical to be aware of upcoming trends to be able to adapt to our fast-moving environment! We came back with lots of ideas for our clients, and soon for you if you need our expertise. Contact us and we’ll innovate together!