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COVID-19: what if containment was also good?

What if containment was also good?

The coronavirus crisis has gone global, with more than 1/3 of the world’s population confined in their homes. While the consequences of the virus and the isolation situation are taking us through an unexpected period, we should not only look at the negative side; indeed, containment also has a positive side, and much greater than you might imagine. We have decided to show you all the beautiful consequences of this quarantine to make you smile again!

Humanity united in a good mood

The first reactions to the containment were impressive: people rushing to get toilet paper, shortages of pasta in supermarkets... Panic often brings out the true face of humanity, and it triggers sighs on social media when videos of it are taken and shared online. Luckily, it also brings out the best in people, and since the beginning of containment, many videos that have appeared on web platforms are bringing joy around the world. Indeed, individuals are filming themselves with a humorous purpose by making jokes, creating odd staging of their quarantine, aimed at relaxing the atmosphere and reminding people that we can get out of this crisis all together. Many comedians have had a great time doing videos, this situation being actually very inspiring, which we also saw with the music artists sharing their talent in our last blog article. What we are going through can also be seen positively because all individuals are in the same situation, forced to go back to basics, and the creativity of some of them make everyone laugh.

Skype with friends

Skype with friends Photo Richard Brunel 

Skype happy Hour

Skype happy Hour Photo Richard Brunel 

Not only does the quarantine of this pandemic force us to stop everything and therefore to take a break from the possible stress of our daily lives, but it is also a beneficial break for the environment. Human activity has been greatly reduced, lowering noise pollution in cities by 70 to 90%! The water is cleaner, the air is as well, birds can be heard in unexpected places and wild animals walk the deserted streets of towns and villages. The effects of the coronavirus on the environment are moving the whole planet... Because it can finally live its life!

Tourists have disappeared, and the effect is stupefying: in Europe, the most striking images to date are the transparent water in Venice, with iconic canals seen now having idyllic colors, and the surprise appearance of a dolphin in the port of Cagliari in Sardinia.

The transparent water in Venice

The transparent water in Venice AFP 2020 Andrea Pattaro 

Sika deer cross a road in Nara, Japan.

Sika deer cross a road in Nara, Japan. Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images 

The experts all state that air pollution has fallen since containment has started. With flight cancellations and limited travel, nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions have dropped drastically. This has never been more positive!

What if containment was also good?

Weekly average air quality index for nitrogen dioxide concentrations (No2) since February. Nitrogen oxides are harmful air pollutants, 95% of which come from the combustion of fossil fuels. Statista 

Many communication and marketing agencies are now deep into teleworking, even experimenting with telemanagement. It should not be forgotten that despite the distance, relationships between colleagues must remain strong! Working separately from each other has shown during the month of March that corporate culture and shared values of a company are essential. You have to be able to transmit these online and reinvent the workplace in a different way...

Technological progress is a major ally during such a global crisis, and there are many solutions to keep working without endangering your health or others’. Videoconferencing, screen sharing, interactive schedules... The goal is to not change anything to one’s work rhythm. If, in addition, staying at home helps to lower the country’s CO2 level, why not do it? As a digital agency, at Marvil56, we are currently on this alternative, doing our best not to reduce the efficiency of our services. Digital solutions often are 100% online!


What we have to remember about this positive side of containment is that even in times of crisis, we all support and rediscover each other. Interpersonal relationships are more intense, facilitating communication. We will be the first to stress the importance of listening and helping each other! With our customized digital solutions, we know how to help you achieve your goals. Despite the situation, Marvil56 is always open to your projects. Contact us!